I just changed my iMac G5 to a MacBook. There are lot of instructions on installing Ruby and Rails on a Mac on the net, some of them not quite up to date. Here is what I find to be the easiest way to do it.

  • Pop your Mac OS X install disc 1 and install the xcode tools. (this installs an old version of ruby)
  • Download and install MacPorts
  • open terminal:
    sudo nano /etc/profile

    Prepend /opt/local/bin: to PATH, so it reads:


    This is to make sure the new version we are about to install will get used instead of the old one.

  • Make sure MacPorts is up to date:
    sudo port selfupdate
  • Install ruby and rubygems:
    sudo port install ruby
    sudo port install rb-rubygems
    ruby -v

    This last command should give 1.8.6. If you see 1.8.2, this means it is still using the version installed from the OS X cd. Make you correctly updated your PATH.

  • Install Rails:
    sudo gem install rails -y

You might also want to install subversion right now using ports:

sudo port install subversion

(Note: at the time of writing, Rails is at version 1.2.3 and Ruby at 1.8.6. )

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