I was quiet last week as I was investigating moving my blog to a different hosting company. I have been with Textdrive for the last 2 years. They’re not bad, but they sure don’t provide an exceptional value. For 15$/month, you get anemic space and bandwith, a very slow, ugly and almost useless web panel. Since last year, you also get three other services from Joyent, such as Strongspace, but they’re not something I need.

With DreamHost, I get a boatload of storage and bandwith for 10$/month. Better, google for dreamhost coupon, and you get 90$ off. My first year is gonna cost me 30$. Their web panel is nice and simple and even includes a one-click installer for WordPress. There’s also a 97 money back guarantee so I have time to investigate if my rails apps are gonna work. I hear support isn’t great, but they have a lot customers so you can google your problem and easily find a solution most of time.

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6 Responses to Why I Chose DreamHost For jfcouture.com

  1. heri says:

    hi there

    i dont get this. i am pretty sure you had another blog 1 month ago. or you completely change the template. and i think the domain name changed too. ????

  2. jfcouture says:

    Yes. I completely moved everything here.

  3. heri says:

    related to the dreamhost account: i would be interested if you can have a rails app in a shared account. i have never done it. i wonder for instance how you would install the application because you dont have ssh access. (no gems or plugins then…). looking forward for a post…

  4. jfcouture says:

    Most shared account now offer rails support. With Dreamhost, rails is already installed along with a lot of gems. I think there’s a way also to install gem just in your account. I just spent the afternoon deploying an app to my account using capistrano and everything works great. I’ve read that your rails process can be killed if it takes too much cpu or ram, which is normal for shared hosting.

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  5. Betinho says:

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