Over the next few weeks, at work, I will be reworking an application that is made with ASP.Net. I would like to do it in Rails, but since we’re using .Net for everything, that’s the way it is going to be. However, I think I will try to reimplement it in Rails in my spare time to compare both framework.

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  1. James says:

    nice list.I want to learn a new programming laanugge but i dunno which to choose. I dont wanna learn one and by the time im finished its outdatedI want to learn one thats not gonna go anywhere for ten years or one that is new but is turning heads and will be the next big thing 2 years down the road. Just like what google maps did for ajax.currently im leaning towards php as it so beautifully written and many huge companies use it (wordpress, joomla etc)

  2. Silvana says:

    I did comment that line but still gtietng 500 error message. My Web-hosting is using IIS 7.The diagnostic tool ran just fine, it could read and write to the Access database.I tried to upload several times and made the changes in settings.asp, but the main page didn’t take me to the initial process as stated in the manual.It just gave me the error.And when I went to /backofficelite directly, it gave me the login page and I couldn’t login at all because it was not setup yet.[]

  3. Vinz says:

    If D T is able to read and write, then DB connection is fine and you sholud get the Wizard at first execution. If you get an error in Wizard page, you sholud ask your web hosting support to turn on Vbscript error debug so you can determine error causes.[]

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