From the monthly archives: September 2008

(company name) Code Genome, based in (city name) Montreal, the world leading (whatever it is you do) Ruby On Rails consulting firm, is looking to hire (position name) a Ruby On Rails developer for its (adjective) star team.

(Mad Libs are are the ultimate tool to create a job posting.)

Ruby on Rails Guru

We are looking for a Ruby on Rails guru. You have a couple of projects under your belt (a black one). Everything you ever wrote ended up in a plugin. You’re just that good. You should be the one writing this job description and telling us what a real Rails guru is all about.

Ruby on Rails Refugee

We are looking for a Ruby on Rails refugee. You have a couple of years of experience in web development in Java or .Net. One night, you built a small project in Rails, wanting to know what the hype was all about. It was love at first sight. Now, you loathe your day-time job and all the unnecessary complexity involved. It’s time for a change.

Ruby on Rails Guru-to-be

We are looking for a Ruby on Rails guru-to-be. You have built at least one small project in your spare time using Rails and fell in love. You are now aspiring to have an international career as the next rock star of ruby development. But you need someone to give you a chance.

For more information, visit

One more thing. The best part of this job is that you get to work with me, the only ruby witch doctor in Montreal. Oh, and if you feel guru is overused, you get to call yourself whatever you want: ninja, kung fu master, sith lord, drunken monkey cowboy of hell, papa smurf, or the ultimate, zombie ninja pirate. Nothing beats a zombie ninja pirate.

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