Every time I write a post, it seems I spend a large amount of time putting the links in. My last post contained seven links and it feels like it took an eternity to put them in. I have to open another browser window, google the page, copy the link and then paste it in my post. For some reason, it feels like a very tedious process. I’m wondering if anybody has any tricks they use to make it faster? How do you manage all the links in your posts?

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3 Responses to How Do You Manage All The Links In Your Posts?

  1. Walter says:

    Aw Aaron, you rock! I know I’ve been out of the development world for a while now but I keep on using Banshee & enynjiog the updates. This might even be enough of a kick for me to jump back to using my own builds rather than packaged versions!Keep up the good work. I’m sure I’ll end up at a conference sometime in the near future first beer is on me.

  2. Megumi says:

    Kind of agree with the both of you. Would not recommend kids lanreing the next newly popular coding language, as it might just become obsolete in a few years. Also children might not enjoy programming and might actually develop a distaste for it in later life.But if a child is truly gifted then allowing them to explore algorithms and slightly advanced math is better than a programming language.

  3. Patrick says:

    Dear Desiree,I love black picture fermas…..I think the contrast against white or neutral walls is good.Sounds as if you’ve been very busy….I’m glad that you have as I thought mayb you didn’t like me anymore !!!!!!hehe.Have a rock and roll weekend, Desiree. XXXX

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