Last monday was the second edition of the book club. Once again there were a lot of great discussions on a wide range of subjects. I had the chance to catch up with an ex colleague, Mathieu Jacques, developper extraordinaire at Dakis Decision Systems. Heri and Patrick Tanguay completed the foursome.

Heri wrote a very comprehensive report if you want more details on the books discussed. The next edition will be on 27th of August, 7pm, at Laika. If you enjoy discussing around a beer, please come!

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6 Responses to Montreal Web Development Book Club, July Edition

  1. Is the next edition (27 Aug) still on? I’ve got a book I’ve been reading and shouldn’t have any problem meeting you guys.

    • Methli says:

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      • Sungwoo says:

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    • Alfonso says:

      = Rider.all :include => :horses You will end up eager-loading both riders and horess, that’s great. So will not run any extra SQL queries. However, will run an additional query to fetch the horse’s rider. Because Rails won’t know that they should be the same object. The comprehensive solution would be an identity map, but this commit was a start in the right direction.

    • Piotrek says:

      Clay you are correct that The rltheionsaips are already described via has_one and belongs_to. I believe that what is actually being addressed here is basically a performance issue, i.e. the current system works ok but could be more efficient. In this case it’s about memory and the second instantiation of the object being unnecessary and wastful when the first could be reused.

      • Lais says:

        I am in the midst of Quitter by Jon Acuff right now (I think you know him, right?). Then I have this list: One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, Max on Life by Max Lucado, Becoming Spiritually Beautiful by Sharon Jaynes, Nurture by Lisa Bevere, Plan B by Pete Wilson (yeah, I got the Kindle version yeraesdty), Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola. I also have on my list Hungry for God by Margaret Feinberg and Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman (these will leak over into my fall reading).

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