Just some clarification on my previous post. I took the first step towards happiness when I quit my job about two months ago. I won’t get into the details of why I left. But suffice to say it has made huge impact on my mood. And that’s the part of the manifesto I like the most:

7: I know that my happiness at work affects my happiness outside of work.

Waking up in the morning and knowing of all the opportunities open to me is a very different feel than the dread related to going to a job I didn’t like anymore. Are you happy at work?

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7 Responses to Why I Choose To Be Happy At Work

  1. JoelMig says:

    Nice link! And nice move by the way!! Takes gots to make it once and for all…

    My comments (in french) : http://blogue.ergologi.com/index.php?n=BlogPages.2007-07-23-HappyAtWork

  2. heri says:

    I am curious, do you work actually for a company? how does it work with this philoshophy?

  3. jfcouture says:

    I’m doing a bit of IT consulting this summer for a roofing company while I’m looking for a new job as a software developer, hopefully using Rails as that would make me very happy!

  4. JoelMig says:

    Interesting point! I mean this Happy At Work Manifesto is full of good thoughts and nice life visions, but nothing practical about how to improve our condition on a daily base. We just can’t quit every time something goes wrong. You probably reach the bottom of sadness with your last job, but before that, how would you try to make your life at work better?

  5. jfcouture says:

    Point #3 of the manifesto: My happiness at work is my responsibility. As you say Joel, this isn’t about quitting every time something goes wrong. When that happens, it is your responsibility first to try to make it work. But sometimes, there are enough factors outside of your control that quitting is the right choice.

    Now for practical advice, the blog linked in this post as tons of great advice and you should add it to your feed reader.

    My own advice: find your passion, a project that really excites you. That’s the best way to be happy at work.

  6. jfcouture says:

    One last thing. When I say I choose to be happy at work, it is also about changing my attitude towards work.

  7. Maximus says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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