From the monthly archives: March 2006

For those of you who missed CUSEC, another keynote is now available at
SOENlive, this time the great keynote from Kathy Sierra. The first keynote “Rails is Boring and Ruby Is A Toy” from Chad Fowler is also available.

I have not posted much in the last few weeks. I’ve been busy learning Rails. I have convinced my company that it is the right choice for us. Six weeks later, everything is going smoothly. My nightmares about trying to add new features in ASP.Net have stopped. I’m having fun again developing software. I strongly suggest you try Rails if you’re having the blues at your job. It’s a great cure.

And now, the quote of the day:

A memorable quote from Kent was “Agile development does not mean never having to say you’re sorry”.

Rachel Davies: Beck on Responsibility

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