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Seen at Exploration Through Example

Soap opera tests exaggerate and complicate scenarios in the way that television soap operas exaggerate and complicate real life.

That one is just too funny to pass on. Next time you write a test case and want to come up with the worst scenario (everything going bad), imagine you are writing a soap opera.

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sirenian: BDD: The campaign against testing

“Test”, in Test Driven Development, encapsulates the idea of specification, design, verification of implementation and the ability to confidently refactor. Regression testing itself is almost a by-product of these uses of the word “test”.(…)Don’t test; think “What should this class do? What are its roles and responsibilities? What does it do to the things I’m going to give to it?” Then write a method which will describe the class’s behaviour.

Words shape the way we think. I just found about behavior driven development (BDD). It’s a subtle change in terminology but it focuses more on what the tests really are trying to accomplish. I kinda like it.

BTW, read the article to find out what is a ScalpelSheepVisitor.

Popularity: 3% [?]