No, I’m not going to complain that I’ve been too busy to update my blog. Anyway, it seems I post once a month. But I’m going to complain that I’m lacking time to read everything I would like to. For example, I haven’t read the eXtreme Programming mailing list on yahoo groups for more than two months. Some nights, if I find a couple of interesting articles on my regular round of websites, plus the blogs I watch, a couple of hours pass without notice. Add to that the pile of books sitting on my desk (without counting all the classic sci-fi I would like to read) and… well you get the picture. What’s worse is that I’m in a kind of flux (not sure if it’s the right word here) with books related to software engineering. I feel like I’ve read enough about Agile and XP for a while. I’m looking to expand into other subjects. Last night I started The Secrets Of Consulting by Jerry Weinberg and have to say I quite enjoyed the first chapter. I think I’ll have to buy a copy for a friend who just started some consulting work. I’ll post more about it in the coming weeks.

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  1. Keiko says:

    Yes!!! Thank you so much for this. Awesome news, and I’m really lniookg forward to trying it out! I’ve recently jumped ship from MacOS, and love Banshee but I did miss the more integrated nature of iTunes when it came to purchasing songs. Unfortunately, the Ubuntu One music store just isn’t ready for the prime time just yet (no end of hassle with it), but I love the Amazon MP3 store. Their downloader is pretty buggy, and requires all manner of workarounds just to get it to work on a 64-bit system. Having all this integrated into my favourite media player is going to make things so much easier!

  2. Kumiko says:

    , however, there is dilenitefy a major cost involved once you decide to fully support even fairly mainstream browsers like Opera, or older versions of Firefox. The temptation can be very great to throw up your hands and say, screw you Opera, or Safari, or anything that doesn’t operate like Firefox or IE on PC.The tricky part is balancing the delivery of a really good experience for 80-90% of the most popular browsers with the need to then start hacking and slashing to support the remaining other browsers.Welcome to the world of designer and browsers where 1 1 doesn’t always = the same 2 in each browser.Thanks for the article!

  3. Oumaima says:

    Nothing to be sorry about. I’m using a template caleld corporate 1.4.1 by Ori Pearl. With a few, tiny changes. I think Ori’s design is clean and simple and to the point.

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